Rail Measuring Car – RMC Services for Kazakhstan Railways

Our Rail Measuring Car - RMC is used for large railway networks and for surveying railway lines over long distances. Our customers appreciate the modularity of our system. We use dedicated sensors, such as rail head and 3D laser scanners, ground-penetrating radar, rail or panoramic cameras.

By using an inertial reference system, high point accuracy can be achieved even under difficult GPS conditions. Our in-data processing centre delivers customized results.

Mobile Tunnel Mapping

terra vermessungen ag offers a unique mobile mapping solution. We are using dedicated sensors that meet customer and project requirements, such as 3D lasers or cameras.

Our mobile mapping system provides high point accuracy and excellent data quality, particularly in inaccessible or hard-to-reach areas, such as tunnels or narrow canals.

Mobile Mapping of Eglisau Railway Bridge in Switzerland

Using a hydrographic vessel and a mobile mapping vehicle, terra vermessungen ag digitally mapped the Swiss Eglisau railway bridge in three dimensions in a single day. Our customers value our experience, our precision and our fast response.

Our mobile mapping system offers high point accuracy and can even be used for mapping objects in areas where no GPS signals are available,  for example, in tunnels or narrow canals.

Mobile Mapping of Roads and Motorways – Fast Data Acquisition and 3D Analysis

terra vermessungen ag offers a state-wide unique mobile mapping solution. We use dedicated sensors that meet customer and project requirements, such as 3D lasers or cameras. Our experienced team will assist you with any type of mapping project (for example, hydrographic, road and rail mapping or the mapping of inaccessible or hard-to-reach objects like narrow canals.


Your advantage:

– Fast data acquisition saves time and money

– Fewer and shorter road closures

– Custom and modular data analysis

– Detailed and comprehensive data acquisition

4D Monitoring – Automatic Deformation Monitoring using swissMon – Geohazards, Infrastructure and Construction Works

Our manufacturer-independent and scalable swissMon 4D monitoring system successfully monitors the Zurich cross-city rail link – the largest urban construction site in Switzerland – 24/7.

swissMon improves the analysis of surface and building deformations through reliable data acquisition.

swissMon offers:

– High availability

– High reliability

– Outstanding precision


According to the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), swissMon is an economic monitoring solution that delivers real-time data to builders and construction engineers throughout extended phases of construction. Our customers particularly appreciate swissMon's configurability. For the Swiss Federal Railways, swissMon provided a new and unique dimension of geodetic monitoring.


Architectural Survey - Kettenbrücke Aarau

All of our clients agree: "Precise and comprehensive building surveys are a key foundation for construction and modernisation projects".

We survey residential buildings, public, buildings, office buildings, production facilities, as well as historic buildings, such as Kettenbrücke, Aarau in Switzerland.